Diet Tips for Patients

A good and appropriate diet for people with Kidney Disease is an essential part of their well-being.

A balanced diet will help:

  • ensure that the build-up of waste products in your body is limited
  • ensure that you do not have too much salt or water in your body
  • enable you to keep to a healthy weight and prevent you becoming malnourished or overweight   

How can a kidney dietitian help me?

A kidney dietitian will give you individual advice about your diet, based on your blood results, diet, weight, lifestyle, and treatment choice. The advice will focus on:

  • having a well-balanced diet containing all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy
  • foods you may need to restrict or avoid, and cooking methods to prevent the build-up of excess waste products in your body
  • how to keep to your daily fluid allowance
  • how to eat well if you have a poor appetite, and ways to prevent malnutrition.