Local support for Kidney Patients
across the North West

Welcome to the MRI KPA for patients, carers & friends
of people receiving treatment for disease or illness affecting the kidneys,
irrespective of where they were referred from.

About Us

Kidney patients helping others affected by Chronic Kidney Disease

We were established in 1983, by renal patients, for renal patients and today, over 40yrs on, our mission remains to provide support and advice to member patients, but also, their relatives and others concerned with their welfare.

MRI Kidney Patients' Association

We Inform

We provide patient-centric information about kidney disease, how we live with it, treatments from a paitent’s perspective and other topics that impact a person living with CKD.

We Share

We issue regular KPA newsletters with the latest news about services at Manchester Royal Infirmary, patient stories and forthcoming educational and social events for people in the North West.

We Support

We support our members by responding to enquiries they may have about their treatment pathway, highlighting resources they can access and even providing financial assistance.

We Listen

As renal patients ourselves, we know the benefits of being able to meet up (at events or via Zoom) with like-minded and similarly-aged people, arranging regular meet-ups throughout the year.


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Key Information

A CKD patient's pathway forward

We’re currently building a comprehensive care pathway for managing Chronic Kidney Disease from a Patients’ Perspective – covering initial consultations, treatment options, and long-term care.

This guide aims to support UK patients and families in navigating the journey ahead, ensuring an informed approach to kidney disease management.

You’ll be able download this pathway as a PDF to refer to offline as soon as it is launched in late summer 2024.

The interactive pathway will include video clips such as this example below, featuring Malcolm, one of Manchester University Hospital Trust’s Transplant Recipient Co-ordinators, talking through a brief overview of their role in Transplant Listing and Transplantation.

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You don't need to be a patient at Manchester Royal Infirmary - we're here for everyone.


Practical assistance for those affected by CKD

Sports & Events

Like-minded people. Maximising living.

We have an active membership, living life to the fullest with CKD. 

From organising local walks around Manchester, social excursions or sending teams to represent Manchester at the British and World Transplant Games, there’s an activity suitable for all ages waiting for you to be part of!

 Join us. Join in and enjoy life all together more.




Transplant Games



Upcoming Events


August 2024

Westfield Health British Transplant Games



The MRI KPA is a dedicated organisation that supports kidney patients by providing practical, patient-centric information, a hub of patient resources, and community support. Our aim is to help patients navigate their conditions, understand their treatment journey, and connect with others facing similar challenges. Run by patients and former patients of the MRI Hospital.

Formed by patients and former patients of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, our experience and knowledge is most suited to patients also diagnosed or receiving treatment at the MRI or living in the North West of England, however, we are delighted to help any UK resident, affected by CKD regardless of where they were diagnosed or are receiving treatment.

Our association welcomes anyone affected by kidney issues, including patients, family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals interested in kidney health. Joining is simple—just visit our website or contact us directly to find out how to become a member.

We deeply value the contribution of volunteers! You can help by assisting in organising events, raising awareness about kidney healthy living, or supporting our day-to-day operations.

Please visit our volunteer section or contact us via support@mrikpa.org.uk for more information on how you can contribute.

Yes - we have a healthy Facebook Group Page which you can find by clicking HERE or searching for MRI Kidney Patients Association on your facebook homepage.

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